Sunday, August 21, 2016

PJ Masks 3 Capes & Masks $9.81 Shipped Plus NEW Episode and FREE Printable Masks and More!

PJ Masks show on Disney Junior is taking the US by storm. Did you and/or the kids catch the new episode "Owlette and the Moonflower"/"Slowpoke Gekko" this week that aired on August 19th? If not, look for it to be replayed on Disney Junior. It was so cute!!!

In “Owlette and the Moonflower,” Luna Girl uses her Luna Beam to create a giant evil moonflower and once it blooms, its seeds will scatter throughout the city and turn it into her very own giant weed garden. Owlette won’t admit how little she knows about plants and each of her plans get the weed closer and closer to blooming.

In “Slowpoke Gekko,” Gekko has to learn to not get distracted if he wants to stop Romeo from using his super slow ray to take over the world.

Take your play to the next level with these cool PJ Masks capes and masks. You can order here for $9.81 shipped currently. You'll receive all 3 capes and masks: Owlette, Gekko and Catboy. They are made from rayon and spandex and are 27.5 inches in size.

Pay attention to the shipping dates though as it does take a while, so act now if you want them for Halloween! You'll get them in plenty of time.

*Prices are subject to change.

We also have printable masks, amulets, activities, decorations and more..just click the links below for access.

PJ Masks Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Luna, Ninja, Romeo

PJ Masks amulets: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko

Go here for the Superhero Day Celebration kit. You'll find flag decorations, invitations and thank you's, certificates and more.

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