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Scream-A-Geddon: Halloween Horror Park Information & Our Review

If you’re looking to get into the Holloween spirit, Scream-a-geddon will definitely get you there!
SCREAM-A-GEDDON unleashes the terror in the Tampa Bay Area. This new horrifying Halloween Horror Park features six haunted attractions with a Monster Midway spread over a sinister 60 acres of Old Florida. 

We had a chance to "scream" last weekend here at Scream-A-Geddon and it lived up to its name...we had a great time. I like horror films, haunted houses and such, so this was great fun for me.
We all had a great time and I would recommend it.

Cursed Hayride:
If you are someone who gets spooked easily, this may be the ride to warm you up! During this ride, you will encounter residents of a town lost in the woods, who are looking for YOUR souls! This attraction is filled with special effects, from flames blasting in the air, to an all-out gun fight in the middle of town! This is a hayride that is pulled by a tractor throughout the attraction. Although spooky, this was not the spookiest attraction of my visit!

Infected is a haunted maze of obstacles, and a horrifying house of flesh craving residents! The special effects in this attraction are very impressive, and fun to look at as you travel through the house of a family who claim to want your brain for dinner! This attraction is full of lost “infected” people trying to find their way out! Don’t be surprised if one chases you all the way to the end! YIKES!!!

Dead Woods:
This is definitely a scary attraction for those who are scared of the dark! This attraction takes you through a path in the woods, where your only light is the single, dim lantern given to you by the employee before you begin your journey. This walk in the woods will take you through some buildings who’s occupants are waiting only for you! The element of what lies in the dark will definitely get you spooked on this one! Also, if you think Big Foot isn’t real, wait until you travel through these woods...there have been sightings!

This was by far my favorite of the night. This attraction features many different rooms. Before entering, you have the option of putting on a glowing necklace which lets the actors know you want to be terrified!

WARNING: If you choose to wear the glowing necklace, the actors are allowed to grab you, and take you to different parts of the attractions.

I would highly recommend choosing this option, as the actors are more focused on entertaining the visitors who are willing to be touched, grabbed, and guided. Also, if you are going with a group, be prepared to be split up. The actors will separate you and bring you to different areas of the haunted house. They will also guide lingering visitors along, so it may be best to wait until the end to meet back up with your group. Some of the scares that are included in this house are: Doctors and dentists that will sit you in their chair and terrify you with their tools, and chambers where you are locked in with a goat lady and other terrifying hosts! I attended this attraction twice to see everything it had to offer. The actors are very interactive, and speak to you regularly.

Bedlam 3D:
This haunted maze is not for the faint of heart!!! If you have a fear of clowns, this will terrify you! This 3D experience is packed with twists, turns, and surprises around every corner! This attraction features a rotating tunnel of stars, and a wobbly bridge! Don’t lose your balance, or you’ll surely be taunted by the clowns lurking in the dark! I loved this one so much I went twice!!!

Monster Midway:
In the middle of this attraction, there are plenty of picnic benches to take a rest, but don’t get too comfortable! There are plenty of zombies, men with chainsaws, and all together just creepy individuals looking to scare you at any moment! Watch out, or they will creep up from behind! These live actors are also always happy to take pictures so that you can remember your haunted experience.

There is also stands for concessions, including: drinks, food (hot dogs, fried oreos, corndogs, beer, etc.) and smore’s kits to build your own, which you can do at one of the two small fire pits that are burning in the center of the midway.

With all of the food and excitement, you might be inclined to find out what your future will entail. If this is something you seek, there is a tarot card tent that you can visit for $15.

Other attractions:
Throughout the complex there are some other attractions which cost extra. Two booths with carnival games are set up, and they also have a Zombie Paintball attraction which allows you to shoot targets with paintball guns.

Scream-a-geddon is a fun, interactive way to spend your time this Halloween season. I suggest going on any day other than a Friday or Saturday as the employees state they are very busy on those nights. I attended on a Sunday and had enough time to visit all of the attractions, and as I mentioned, some of them twice!

I would not recommend this park for small children. The attendees were mostly older teenagers and adults. This is a good getaway to spend a night out of the house without spending a fortune as it is much cheaper than other area attractions. And you will get your SCREAM on!

Get your tickets and more information here!

~Reviewed by Lauren~

Disclosure: We were provided complimentary tickets in order to conduct this review. My opinions are soly my own and honest. I am not influenced in any way by the company. I received no compensation either.

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