Saturday, December 20, 2014

96 Piece Foam Floor Alphabet & Number Puzzle Mat $29.99 (Retail $69.99)

Today ONLY - you can keep your child entertained, while learning with this 96 Piece Foam Floor Alphabet & Number Puzzle Mat for $29.99 (Retail $69.99).

Recommended Ages: 3+ Years

Let your children learn numbers and letters through creative play with this 96-Piece Number and Alphabet Foam Puzzle Mat

-This mat features 36 colorful foam tiles

-The tiles include 26 pop-out letters and 10 pop-out numbers

-Also includes 24 border pieces to frame in the completed square

-The versatile tiles of this foam puzzle floor mat interlock, allowing flat or three dimensional building fun

-In addition, the thick foam provides a safe and soft play surface for both indoor and outdoor use

-Covers plenty of space where your child can roam and learn at the same time

-Each tile is large enough for tiny fingers to easily manage and manipulate

-The 96-piece mat also features several different colors to keep young minds interested

FYI: Will not be delivered by Christmas.

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