Saturday, December 13, 2014

21-Piece Giant Craft Box Bundle $19.99 (Retail $47)

This fantastic 21-Piece Giant Craft Box Bundle for $19.99 (Retail $47) offers a wide assortment of kids craft items that are perfect to let your child's creativity run wild!

In the Box:

(1) Kaizen Large Scrape/Scratch Art Sticker Set

(1) Kaizen Foam Butterfly Kit (EVA Material- Assorted Colors)

(1) Kaizen 12-Pc Twist Crayons

(1) Kaizen 5" Shaper Scissors (Colors will vary)

(1) Kaizen 3-Pc Glitter Glue (40 grams)

(1) Kaizen 4-Pc Pen Brush Set (Mini Brushes)

(1) Kaizen Wooden Beads With String Set

(1) Kaizen Butterfly Kit

(1) Kaizen Do It Yourself Craft Kit: Foam Sticks and Pom Poms

(1) Kaizen Colored Googly Eyes 60 Pieces (Assorted)

(1) Kaizen Googly Eyes (Assorted Colors- 100-Pc)

(1) Kaizen Sparkly Feathers (6 Grams)

(1) Kaizen Cheniille Pom Pom Kit

(1) Kaizen Googly Eyes

(1) Kaizen 30-Pc Rainbow Feathers (Medium Sized)

(1) Kaizen 130-Pc Wooden Beads Set

(1) Kaizen Confetti Glitter (5 Colors)

(1) Kaizen Stick On Alphabet Letters (Colors will vary)

(1) Kaizen Foam Stick On Alphabet Letters (Colors will vary)

(1) Kaizen Pom Pom Glitter (Assorted Sizes)

(1) Kaizen Pearl Beads (Pastel Colors)(1.06 OZ)

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